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Pit Bulls and Heartworms


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Author: je Dunn

It is surprising how many people are still confused about heartworms and the effects that a heartworm can have on your pit bull dog.

First lets look at what heartworms are and how your dog can become infected.

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes into the dog's blood stream. The immature heartworms called microfilaria travel through the blood stream.

The microfilaria settle into the heart chambers and major pulmonary blood vessels. This causes a blockage of the blood flow and pathological changes to the surrounding tissues.

This blockage happens when the larvae grow into adult worms. An adult female heartworm can grow up to fourteen inches and can live as long as five years.

A female heartworm can produce thousands of microfilariae, which is transmitted into a mosquito when it bites an infected dog, and subsequently injected into the next dog that that mosquito dines on.

What Are The Signs That A Dog May Have Heartworms?

Usually the first system is weight loss. The dogs' hair may become dull and brittle.

The infected dog also may tier easily.

A persistent coughs and or labored breathing.

 In more progressed cases victims may vomit blood from ruptured lungs.

If the disease is not prevented or caught in time the result will be a slow painful death from congestive heart failure.

What Do I Do If My Pit Bulls Is Infected?

Treatment is available but it can cost hundreds of dollars, and may be ineffective depending on the degree of infestation.

The best defense against heartworms is routine checkups with your vet. Giving your dog heartworm medication once a month easily prevents heartworms.

Warning: You Must Have Your Dog Tested For Heartworms Before Starting Heartworm Medication!

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